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Create, share and discover short interactive videos from real people with YOA.


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Yoa is the Alternative to TikTok you've been looking for. Now you can create and enjoy interactive videos from real people around the world with your phone. Easy and free.
Game-like experiences that are fun and engaging.
You can decide where to go, what to do, interact with objects and characters and much, much more...

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Share a link to what's most important to you

You can share links to anything you want. Whether it is your online store, your social media, an article on Wikipedia, the grocery shop of your grandma or a map to your lair.

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Interactive Videos


User-driven decision-making and a feeling of control.


Game-like experience that grabs and keeps a user's attention

Make money

Share links to your own product's store, affiliate links or your paid advertiser


Story-driven style encourages exploration.

Easy to create

The easiest way of making interactive stories ever. From your phone. Free.

Grow your followers

Share your creations, follow other creators and link your social media to grow your audience.

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